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Customer Service Challenge

17th January 2018 in Creative Installations

Helping a financial services giant to sharpen its customer service skills

An engaging customer service challenge!

We had to put our technical expertise and know-how to the test recently when a global financial services client challenged us to create a customer service experience with a difference at their end of year conference.

The firm wanted to deliver an experiential learning session which demonstrated to senior managers the pressure that front-line staff were under from customers and as such we were tasked with creating a ‘live experience’ in which they fielded quick-fire staged ‘as live’ calls from customers. The aim was to recreate a live environment that their teams face every day, to demonstrate the demands they face.


Customer Service Challenge - Engaging customer call experience

From a technical point of view, we created a bank of phones on a branded wall. In front of the phones were iPads. We had to make the phones ring and when answered, play a voice recording of the customer query, while at the same time displaying the question on a specially-coded app on the iPads. They then had to quickly work with colleagues and sketch their answers on the iPads, with the output displayed on a big screen for all to see. They were then scored based on their answers.

Our Creative Director, Chris Vernon-Smith, said: “This was an interesting project to be involved in. The problem was ‘how can we create an interactive experience, that people want to get involved in, that demonstrates a real-life scenario?’.

“There were three parts to the solution. First, we had to create the physical environment to make it happen. Second, we had to provide and configure all the hardware required, and finally, we had to write and apply the software to make it all link together and work.

“It was all about taking people on a journey to show them the sort of pressures that their colleagues are under which they perhaps don’t always appreciate….. We were pleased to be able to bring it to life.”