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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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Health & Safety Policy Statement

To comply with all relevant Health & Safety at work legislation it is incumbent upon ON to issue a safety at work policy statement. The purpose of this statement is to inform you of our obligations and intentions towards the provisions of an environment safe to our employees, contractors and the general public. It also outlines our duties regarding safe conduct at work, safe use of power tools and safe working practises particularly whilst working upon electrical equipment. some of the following points are legal requirements, some are merely common sense. All are equally important.

ON operate from Unit 16, Willow Road, Trent Lane Industrial Estate, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2NP and Clerkenwell, 20 Jerusalem Passage, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JP. ON will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 so far as it is reasonably practicable. Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working condition, equipment and systems for our employees, subcontractors and trainees alike. Contractors and outside agencies working for ON will be expected to operate within their own Health and Safety Policy Statements within the overall procedures as determined by ON.

Where no Health and Safety Policy Statements are in place, written instructions and or procedures will be issued to associated agencies requesting their compliance to co-operate where reasonably practicable within our stated policies. we will so far as in reasonably practicable work alongside other contractors and agencies on various sites/locations, who we will expect to operate within their documented Health and Safety Policy Statements and procedures. Where applicable, so far as is reasonably practicable, we will operate within the Health and Safety Policies as laid down by the venue or location where ON are operating.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement our policies will be set out in our Health and Safety documentation.

Our Health & Safety Policy is regularly reviewed and kept up to date.

Guy Eaton
Managing Director
27th July 2020

Our policy

ON recognise and confirm our commitment to our employees, contractors and trainees in so far as our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work regulations.

We will endeavour to ensure the following:

  • All staff will be aware of the company’s H&S Policy.
  • All staff to be aware of the location of first aid equipment and the correct procedures for dealing with and reporting accidents.
  • All staff will be aware of the location of fire fighting equipment, alarms and the correct procedures for dealing with emergencies and evacuation.
  • All staff will be made aware of the procedures for reporting defects.
  • Good house-keeping will be encouraged to ensure a safe and clean working environment.
  • All tools and machinery will be checked and maintained in good working order.
  • staff will be encouraged to put forward for discussion any proposals for improving existing situations.
  • All staff will be made aware of our Risk Assessment Programme and their duties within these regulations.
  • All members of staff, in whatever capacity i.e. full time, part time, sub-contractor or trainee will be issued with the complete H&S documentation as relating to ON. The documents will be explained and feedback encouraged.
  • As a company, we will undertake to review our policy on an annual basis.



Our Health & Safety Office is: Iain Hunt, (Warehouse & Operations Manager).
Overall and final responsibility for Health & Safety in the company is that of: Mr Guy Eaton, (Managing Director).

Our current Health & Safety Policy is reviewed and supported by Harrier UK Ltd


All employees have the responsibility to co-operate with managers to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others. Whenever an employee or manager notices a health or safety problem that they are not able to put right, they must inform the Managing Director.