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Celebration for Watches of Switzerland

Key Stats.

mcm creative
Conference & Gala Dinner
Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel, London
The Feeling?

The Brief

Watches of Switzerland is a British retailer selling high-end Swiss watches from brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek Phillipe, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin.

It has 16 outlets across the UK, including concessions in the first-class departure lounges of several major airports, and an online e-commerce store.

It held a one-day conference and gala dinner in London recently to celebrate the success of the company and the centenary of one of its most iconic brands. We were approached by our good friends at mcm Creative to provide full technical and scenic support for the event.

It was attended by 80 of its key sales staff across the UK, to help it celebrate 100 years of the world’s most renowned watchmaker.

Challenges we faced

The set, subtly designed by mcm was engineered to make maximum use of the length of the room, with the stage set being positioned against the longest wall in the room.

This meant we had to front-project all the content to the screens. Front projection does create challenges for events of this type, particularly if you can’t hang anything from the ceiling, as we couldn’t in this case. Ambient light, space and viewing angles can all have an impact, along with the problem of people or objects obstructing the projection beam and casting silhouettes on-screen.

Some bespoke, stylish rigging had to be created to accommodate this. Two sets of four-metre truss columns were utilised to hang all the projection and lighting equipment from, keeping it out of the audience’s eyeline. These were dressed with custom-printed socks to blend with the environment.

What we did

Step 1

We created a bespoke ‘cog wall’, which enabled delegates to place individual cogs into a huge display to create an interconnected visual mural.

Step 2

Working to mcm’s creative brief, we built the whole set, which comprised a large fabric hand-stretched over a frame. Two crew members spent hours hand-stretching the fabric to ensure it was pin-tight.

Step 3

Everything was finished in a crisp, white colour scheme to give the set a premium, high-end look and feel.

Step 4

We ran all the lighting, audio and production for the event, in the main room and six breakout spaces under the expert direction of mcm.

Guy Eaton, our Managing Director, said: “Dinners and conferences are bread and butter work here at On Event Production Co, but this one was a bit special. It’s not every day we get to work with an iconic watch brand.

The key to making this event a success was all in the finish. We were able to create a set and staging to an extremely high specification, were meticulous in looking after the minutest of details, and added in a few technical flourishes to deliver an experience befitting a brand of this stature.”

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