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Social Media Experience for Michael Kors

Key Stats.

The Flash Pack Agency
Touring in-store social media experience
Flagship stores in Munich, London, Paris and Manchester
The Feeling?

The Brief

Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories, footwear, clothing, wearable technology, eyewear and fragrances.

The company held the global launch of its new Spring 2019 Collection at an experiential event, The Infinity Space, in New York, featuring supermodel Bella Hadid. Immersing guests in the videos, images and music of the new campaign, using Dolby’s most advanced audio and visual technologies.

We worked with The Flash Pack Agency to deliver an in-store experience to shoppers at Michael Kors’ flagship Munich, London, Paris and Manchester outlets, to help launch the collection in Europe.

To complement the global launch, we were tasked with creating an ‘infinity room’-style photobooth environment in some of its key stores, for a social media activation.

The challenges we faced

As this was for a mobile, touring activation, the environment we built had to be durable, robust and designed in such a way that it would be easy to assemble, take apart and transport.

We also had to work within an extremely small footprint in each store. The dimensions we worked to were quite restrictive and there was a need to maximise all available space within the installation. And it wasn’t just the dimensions that were on the tight side. We had a four-hour install at each site too.

Parking and access at each venue was challenging, so creating a build which could be assembled modularly was important. We also had to account for disabled access within each store.

Finally, the screens had to be tuned to eliminate the ‘soap opera effect’ and ensure they would work and display properly within each social media photograph.

What we did

Step 1

We created an infinity photobooth to enable customers to pose for selfies – against a dynamic, branded visual backdrop – with the latest Michael Kors products.

Step 2

A back wall made up of several individual ‘infinity’ screens, with ultra-thin bezels, was pieced together to deliver the content for the selfie backdrop.

Step 3

Mirrored sides were built into the structure to create the illusion that the space was infinitely bigger than it actually was.

Step 4

All the visual content was supplied by the agency. We had to ensure it played properly across the screens making up the infinity wall.

Step 5

A lot of technical work was required to ensure the screens were calibrated properly, so the content could be picked up by cameras and look good on social media. We used specialist processing equipment we keep in-house to achieve this.

Step 6

The modular room was bespoke manufactured to ensure it not only looked neat and on-brand, but was also robust enough to be assembled, taken down and transported easily between the different stores where the activation was taking place.

Chris Vernon-Smith, our Creative Director, said: “Michael Kors is a world-renowned brand, so it was great to be able to work on this project and help supplement the global launch of its Spring 2019 collection with a series of pop-up experiential activations across Europe.

Because of the nature of the brand, it was crucial that the environment we created was high-end, extremely visual and looked great on social media.

We were able to achieve this by not only finishing the build to an extremely high spec, but also utilising our technical expertise to ensure the experience was seamless and looked as sharp on social as it did in-store.”

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