We work with you to inspire your audience.

Event Project Management

What we do

Whether you are looking to organise a virtual conference, a gala dinner, awards ceremony, product launch,  or simply just a great event to bring together individuals within your organisation, we’re here to provide our help, guidance and support to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.

Controlling everything

We’re one of the few event companies who offer a full event production service: project management, technical production, set and stage fabrication. Being in control means we can meticulously plan and execute, creating an experience that will leave your audience feeling the way you want them to feel.

We’re an “everything under one roof” event production company. From start to finish, we’ll understand what you want to achieve and how you want your audience to feel, plan it, create and build it, set everything up and stage it with split second precision.

Trust us to get it right

You can trust us, like many of the big brands, and their agencies, already do.   The feedback we receive speaks for itself with clients enjoying the event delivery experience from the initial phone call, to some post event cocktails to celebrate an awesome event.

What we do

Every client and every event is different and we tailor our support to what is actually needed.   Whether you need full service support or just elements such as production support, we are here to help.


Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1: We understand.

First up we’ll learn about your event and your audience, understanding not only the event itself but how you want your audience to feel, the outcomes you want to achieve and making a plan to get you there.

2: We shape.

Next, we work as part of your team to interpret your creative ideas and develop your concepts.

3: We create and build.

Next, we design, working with you to make sure the event has everything you need.

4: We check, and then check again.

Issues at an event, no matter how small, can damage your reputation. That’s why we check, check and check again, to ensure everything is in place, so all you need to focus on is inspiring your audience.

5: We stage and we control.

Your event is our entire focus. We know how to choreograph a really great show. Set up, staging and de-rigging with military precision, we’re by your side all the way and here to make you look awesome.

To truly have an impact on others you must inspire them.

Events done right inspire your audience. We take your idea and treat it with the respect it deserves, crafting your concept into a reality.

You know your audience and we know events.

We’ve got a warehouse full of experience, so you have the reassurance your event will run smoothly. We’re your event team, and we’re 100% on your side.

We’ve got everything you need to build your event idea all under one roof. Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

Who we work with

What our customers say…

Outstanding service and delivery. The team here have appreciated your entire teams’ professionalism throughout the project, your commitment to safety and the complete way in which you carried out the project.
Many thanks

And just like that – another one is in the bag.
Working with ON makes our lives 100% easier 🙂 So thank you for:
– being amazing
– upfront and honest
– always looking at the bigger picture
– giving us the A Team (all the time)

Slightly biased survey here because as you know, love working with you guys! Feedback from the event has been great and our Leadership were impressed with the slick background tech – we felt in safe hands!

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