We work with you to inspire your audience.

Product Displays


We custom design and build bespoke product displays for events, exhibitions, point of sale and product launches.

The magic happens in our workshop. Our love of materials, skilled craftsman and passion for detail means that we create something quite special, something that makes your products shine.

Capturing your brand

 It’s about making a statement – and that means capturing and interpreting the essence of your brand. We’re there from beginning to the end to make sure that happens.

We start by understanding the outcomes you want to achieve and how you want your audience to feel. We help you to shape your ideas and develop concepts. Next, we create and build everything in our own workshop.  Finally, we set up and put everything together to make it look awesome.

Refreshingly Different

Our approach is about creating something different, something that gets your audience’s attention. That was certainly the case for the major beverage brand, San Pellegrino. In capturing the essence of the brand, we created a standout product display for their new flavoured water brand. Taking the brand’s seductive pleasure as the cue, our designers and crafts people set to work. The result, a stunning outdoor rustic space to showcase the new products in all of their full Mediterranean glory.

Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1: We understand.

First up we’ll learn about your event and your audience, understanding not only the event itself but how you want your audience to feel, the outcomes you want to achieve and making a plan to get you there.

2: We shape.

Next, we work as part of your team to interpret your creative ideas and develop your concepts.

3: We create and build.

Next, we design, working with you to make sure the event has everything you need. Then skilled joiners and technicians build it in our custom workshops.

4: We test, and then test again.

A technical failure, no matter how small, can damage your reputation. That’s why we test, test and test again, then we’ll have tested back-ups for added assurance, so all you need to focus on is inspiring your audience.

5: We stage and we control.

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Your event is our entire focus. We know how to choreograph a really great show. Set up, staging and de-rigging with military precision, we’re by your side all the way and here to make you look awesome.

Why On?

To truly have an impact on others you must inspire them.

Events done right inspire your audience. We take your idea and treat it with the respect it deserves, crafting your concept into a reality.

You know your audience and we know events.

We’ve got a warehouse full of experience, so you have the reassurance your event will run smoothly. We’re your event team, and we’re 100% on your side.

We’ve got everything you need to build your event idea all under one roof. Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

Turn your ideas into an inspiring event

Case Study

Nestle’s agency enlisted our help to create an eye-catching product stand for the launch of new flavoured water beverage brands that were due to hit the market, at the Lunch! Show

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Who we work with

What our customers say…

“I have to say the team were unbelievable from start to finish. As you can imagine I’ve worked with a lot of suppliers over my time and you guys are by far the best I’ve worked with. Enthusiastic, professional, diligent and also bring loads of fresh ideas”.
– Tom White Sales and Marketing Director at Glide

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