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Midlands Hybrid Event Studio One

A professional virtual and hybrid event studio for professional live and recorded events

Studio One includes everything needed to produce highly professional hybrid events, with options to broadcast live, record, or a mix of both.  As well as an almost unlimited virtual audience, there is a large amount of space to bring in a live audience with social distancing measures as required.

Eastside Hybrid Event Studio

Standard Specification:


9m x 3m 2.6mm LED Video Wall Backdrop

3x HD Cameras

Full Generic & Intelligent Lighting Rig

6x Radio Microphones

6x Presenter In-Ear Monitors

Furniture Options

Production Team

Dedicated Green Room with Studio Feed

Remote Presenters


Additional production requirements are available on request and at additional charge.

Studio One Highlights

Giant Digital Backdrop

From presentations to remote presenters or virtual audiences, the video backdrop is highly dynamic and fully customisable...think of it as a large canvas we can paint to meet your needs throughout your virtual or hybrid event.

Production Support

Our team are here to support and run your online event and to produce a seamless broadcast that really engages with the remote audience.

Onsite Facilities

As standard the studio comes with a dedicated green room for clients to work and presenters to prepare for their live performance. The eastside rooms provide full hospility from tea and coffee, bar and restaurant facilities to overnight accommodation depending on your requirements.

Virtual Audience

Do your presenters want to engage with the remote virtual audience? We can bring them to screen almost as though they are sat there in the room watching live

Remote Presenters

Virtual presenters can join the event from anywhere on the globe and present as though they are stood there in the studio. 8 Remote presenters are included within our OnLine package as-standard.

Professional Studio Equipment

All the equipment supplied within the studio is included to make your presenters look and sound great on the online broadcast.

Why On?

You wouldn’t stand on a stage and present to a live audience without professional production support.  Hybrid events are no different.

Our OnLine services and professional support team are here to give you peace of mind when delivering a Hybrid event.  Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

We’re here to make sure your next Hybrid event is slick, professional and lands with your audience.

Case Study

How we broadcast the Virgin Media Business Voom Awards from TV studios out to a huge online audience

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What our customers say…

You went above and beyond throughout the build, rehearsals and live event.  I really appreciated your support and collaboration on solutions.  I thought the entire delivery team of the hybrid event did a fantastic job in often tough circumstances with very limited time between everything happening.

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