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Product launches

Express yourself

When it comes to delivering a product launch, you don’t want to compromise. You get one chance, one chance to communicate your message and express what it is you want to say. Similarly, you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your choice of event production companies. You want someone with pedigree; someone with a strong track record of working with big brands, such as those of Pepsi, Playstation and Adidas; someone who lives, breathes and sleeps experiential events; someone you can trust time and time again to deliver your vision.

Let your imagination run wild

You can imagine something amazing for your product launch, but you’re not sure whether you can transform it into reality.  We say, “do it!”. We feed off originality. It’s our purpose, to rise to the next big challenge. Whether that’s transforming a giant former combustion chamber at Shoreditch Electric Light Station into a high-tech playground or converting the top of the Tower of London into a digitised running track.

We’re the architects of your imagination, building amazing is what we do.

Physical challenges

Constraints, what constraints? When it comes to the physical challenges of delivering something amazing, we’re all about solutions. It’s our business to make your ideas possible. Like the time we were asked to create an immersive space at Footlocker’s flagship London store for footwear giant, Asics, and had to ensure that the store could operate “business as usual”.  And like the time we were tasked with creating a laser-maze for software drinks brand, Mountain Dew, and we had to pull together various technologies to make it happen.

How do we do it? We believe that there’s always a way, we just need to go away and figure it out.

Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1: We understand.

First up we’ll learn about your event and your audience, understanding not only the event itself but how you want your audience to feel, the outcomes you want to achieve and making a plan to get you there.

2: We shape.

Next, we work as part of your team to interpret your creative ideas and develop your concepts.

3: We create and build.

Next, we design, working with you to make sure the event has everything you need. Then skilled joiners and technicians build it in our custom workshops.

4: We test, and then test again.

A technical failure, no matter how small, can damage your reputation. That’s why we test, test and test again, then we’ll have tested back-ups for added assurance, so all you need to focus on is inspiring your audience.

5: We stage and we control.

Share your idea!
Your event is our entire focus. We know how to choreograph a really great show. Set up, staging and de-rigging with military precision, we’re by your side all the way and here to make you look awesome.

Why On?

To truly have an impact on others you must inspire them.

Events done right inspire your audience. We take your idea and treat it with the respect it deserves, crafting your concept into a reality.

You know your audience and we know events.

We’ve got a warehouse full of experience, so you have the reassurance your event will run smoothly. We’re your event team, and we’re 100% on your side.

We’ve got everything you need to build your event idea all under one roof. Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

Case Study

We love a good spy thriller, so creating a Mission Impossible-style challenge for Mountain Dew was too good an opportunity to pass up.

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Who we work with

What our customers say…

“From initial discussions to final set-up, your creativity, expertise, professionalism, kindness and general helpfulness was inspiring. Words cannot describe how much we loved the event and working with the team at On. If we could do it all again, we would in a heartbeat”
– Dan Janes, Employee relations

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