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On Launches New Virtual Service

1st April 2021 in Company News

Tired of attending endless video calls? Looking to get back precious hours in the day?

Since March 2020, the world of work has changed, a lot!  At first, life was brilliant.  No more commuting!  Video meetings were fun where we all got to meet everyone’s pets and checkout their taste in wallpaper.  But things have changed.  Endless video meetings has meant productivity is at an all time low.  Check out this graph:

Productivity vs Time

Finally we have a solution for YOU!  

Using our virtual recording studios and very clever AI technology, we can provide a virtual version of YOU that attends all those meetings that you don’t want to!  Other attendees will be able to hear and see you as though you are there yourself, but you’ll actually be doing something more useful!  Our algorithms are constantly monitoring the meeting and if the virtual you is asked a question, you’ll respond with the most appropriate pre-programmed comment.  You can even add in gestures to show you’re really engaged!  We’ve undergone extensive testing which has proven the system to be 98.6% accurate with the virtual you saying something really witty or intelligent.  The average person will only say something sensible 76.3% of the time so using our services will massively increase your chances of looking great in front of your boss and earn that promotion.  

How does it work?

The first step is to record you on your webcam.  We’ll ask you a series of control questions and record your responses.  This will then be fed into our computer software, that will generate a virtual version of yourself, ready to go and attend those meetings on your behalf.  To add a real human touch, we allow each person to tweak settings before going into a meeting to give a sense of realism:


All you have to do is forward on the meeting request to our service and the virtual you will do the rest! 


“I used to attend back to back virtual meetings, all day, every day.   When I switched to VIRTUAL MEeting, I gained 30 hours a week back and no one has realised its not actually me in these meetings.  I’ve been promoted twice in 6 months and due to earn twice as much bonus than last year, mainly because my virtual self complements my boss atleast once in every meeting, something I would never do myself!   Thank you VIRTUAL MEeting!”  Dave, Twickenham


Launch day discount deal

We are offering a whopping 50% discout to anyone who signs up on the 1st April 2021.  Simply contact us and reference discount code:  #POLARFOIL and we’ll be in touch to book in your recording session.

UPDATE – 01-04-2021 12:00

Following the launch of VIRTUAL MEeting this morning, we are sorry to announce we have had to permanently withdraw this service due to an issue in the personality algorithms regarding sense of humour and system time incrementing beyond 12:00:00. We’re working hard to correct this issue but its anticipated to take approximately 12 months to fix. Apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, you may wish to consider how to make sure your next virtual event doesn’t become just another online meeting. We’re here to provide virtual and hybrid event production to create engaging online events. Get in contact to discuss your next event. We’re here to help!