We work with you to inspire your audience.

About us

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There are only two ways to influence human behaviour:

You can manipulate it or You can inspire it.

People are drawn to those who inspire them - whether it is leaders, businesses or brands. It is their ability to make us feel different and better about ourselves, that inspires us.
That’s why we believe that the best events and experiences are not about what you say but how you make people feel. If we are to inspire people we have to go beyond taking a message from the eyes to the brain, we must take it to their heart.
We are On Event Production Co, a live, virtual and hybrid event production company with a difference.
We create, we shape, we build, we stage and we control.  Whatever it takes so that you are able to inspire your audience.

Our difference

We’re an “everything under one roof” production company. We integrate technical production, set and stage fabrication and production management. Whilst most production companies do one of these things, we orchestrate it all. There’s no need for multiple suppliers and managing those complexities. We develop your event from concept to build, through to installation and execution. We work with you from beginning to end:

    1. We Create
    We make happen what you've already imagined, through the precise execution of your vision. If you haven't imagined it yet, we can help with that too
    2. We Shape
    We work as part of your team to interpret your creative ideas and enhance your concepts.
    3. We Build
    Through the skilled crafts people in our fabrication team, we create bespoke experiential and corporate environments.
    4. We Stage
    We make sure everything comes together, the installation of the complete physical environment with the technical integration of creative lighting and sound.
    5. We Control
    We execute by managing every single detail on the day. We control the show.

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