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Delivering high quality event audio

28th March 2024 in Live Events

Delivering high quality event audio

The emotional power of sound has a huge role to play in not only enhancing brand experiences but also ensuring audiences truly feel those emotions and consequently build an emotional connection with that brand.

At On, sound is a huge part of what we do every day, ensuring the quality is always perfect and audiences are always wowed.

These are the steps we follow to ensure event success:


1. We Plan and Prepare:

✔We work closely with the event organiser to understand their event and audio requirements.

✔Some venues are acoustically challenging; sound needs to be designed at the pre-production stage to ensure the best results for event success.

✔We always visit the venue to prepare a set of measurements so we can create a CAD drawing of the space, considering any acoustic challenges that we may face.

✔We specify the right sound system to achieve the best audio experience for the audience.

✔All RF (radio frequencies) for radio microphones and IEMs (In ear monitors) are planned in advance with licences obtained where required.

✔System diagrams are produced showing signal flow and with redundancy considered across the system


2. Professional Team and Skilled Sound Engineers:

✔Our professional sound engineers will install the sound system to specification, ensuring all speakers are placed and aligned as per the design.

✔Amongst things such as imaging, equalisation, and microphone selection, the engineer will also look at time alignment, sampling the sound through a microphone and running it through special software which works out delays.

✔We understand things can change on site and our experienced audio team is empowered to make real-time decisions during the event to manage unforeseen challenges


3. Ensuring Performer & Speaker Confidence and Technical Excellence:

✔Before an event is due to start, it’s important that any performers, speakers or presenters are well briefed and comfortable enough to go on stage. It’s our sound engineers’ job to reassure them that everything technical is being taken care of, giving them the confidence to go out there and give it their all, helping achieve event success.

✔We understand the running order of the show. This is always prepared in advance to avoid error and includes knowing cues, music stings, changeovers, and videos.

✔Everything from microphone placement to monitors that allow live bands/singers to hear themselves on stage, is carefully planned and delivered ensuring a great show for all!