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How to Achieve Great Sound at Your Event

15th February 2019 in Marketing Experiences

How to Achieve Great Sound at Your Event

Good quality sound is critical to event success.

It has just as much influence on the way we interpret the world around us as the things we see and touch. The emotional power of sound has a huge role to play in not only enhancing brand experiences, but it also ensures audiences truly feel those emotions and consequently build an emotional connection with that brand.

At On, sound is a huge part of what we do every day, ensuring the quality is always perfect and audiences are always wowed.

We Study the Brief

It always pays to take the time to really understand the brief. Everything must be considered to ensure the results are perfect.

Firstly, what should it look like?

For example, if it’s a corporate event (think TED talks), massive speakers can block sight lines, so the way we distribute sound at conferences needs to be carefully planned out.

We then think about how we can get the best coverage in the space, ensuring that everyone hears the same thing – there’s nothing worse than sound being too loud at the front, but too quiet at the back!

We Analyse the Environment

Some venues are acoustically challenging, therefore, sound needs to be designed at the pre-production stage to ensure the best results for event success.

We always visit the venue to prepare a set of measurements so we can create a CAD drawing of the space, considering any acoustic challenges that we may face.

We then think about the number of speakers we’ll need and how to direct them to achieve the best sound in the venue.

We do this in CAD by plotting out speaker placement and using our L’Acoustics modelling software, Soundvision, to maximise the coverage and intelligibility of the system.

Engineer audio modelling sound

We Deliver

Once we have a CAD drawing of the venue, on-site, our sound engineer installing the system will cross-reference it to the space, ensuring all speakers are placed and aligned as per the model.

Amongst things such as imaging, equalisation, and microphone selection, the engineer will also look at time alignment, sampling the sound through a microphone and running it through special software which works out delays.

This step is important because sound travels slower than light, meaning people at the back of the room will hear sound later than those at the front! The engineer will delay the speakers at the rear so that everyone hears the same sound at the same time, thus avoiding unnatural sound.

We Control

Before an event is due to start, it’s important that any speakers or presenters are well briefed and comfortable enough to go on stage. It’s our sound engineers’ job to reassure them that everything technical is being taken care of, giving them the confidence to go out there and give it their all, helping achieve event success.

We also take the time to understand the running order of the show. This is always prepared in advance to avoid error and includes knowing cues, music stings, changeovers, and videos.

Everything from microphone placement to monitors that allow live bands/singers to hear themselves on stage, is carefully planned and delivered ensuring a great show for all!

Getting sound right is key to event success

The ‘On’ Way

Everyone has a story about bad sound.

Too loud’, ‘plagued by feedback’, ‘patchy speakers’, ‘difficulty understanding what was being said’ – the list is endless.

Yet how many people talk about an excellent sound experience?

Sound engineers often speak of the perfect job as being one where they were not noticed at all. Creating ultimate event success.

At On Event Production Co. we pride ourselves on our ability to stand out and be invisible at the same time.

So, whether you’re using a single microphone or looking for full sound production to accompany a large-scale event, we’ve got you covered for event success.

If you have an event coming up where sound is crucial, why not let us help you out?

Get in touch to see how we can turn your ideas into reality and truly inspire your audience!