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Increase Brand Awareness with Events

12th July 2019 in Marketing Experiences

Brands are constantly striving to achieve the kind of audience connection and brand awareness that’ll help transform them into a household name, known and used by people in their hordes.

A great way of working towards this kind of success is to create an experience in which consumers can share and interact. Whether it be a product launch or an opportunity to speak to existing customers, live events provide the opportunity to put brands at the forefront, helping consumers to not only engage but create their own experience with a brand.

How to Engage an Audience – Aussie Hair

A recent brand activation we worked on was a pop-up experience for haircare brand, Aussie Hair via JDPL agency. The event aimed to create a fun, Instagram-able experience based around a ladies’ bathroom, where women came to have their hair styled using Aussie products.

Professional drag artists were employed to encourage women into the activation area, where expert hairdressers would style their hair.

Once they had been styled, the consumers would be encouraged to take a selfie in a toilet cubicle photobooth, which would then be converted into a meme and uploaded to LED screens throughout the station and onto social media, using the hashtag #GreatHairThough.

The idea behind the tagline was that no matter what life throws at you, you can still have great hair if you use Aussie products.

how to engage an audience

How to Engage an Audience – Burt’s Bees

Another brand activation we worked on recently was with Collective 2 and Burt’s Bees. We were asked to help support the launch of the beauty brand’s #IAmNotSynthetic campaign launch in the UK market by creating a semi-permanent pop-up store in London’s Covent Garden, to showcase its hero products and brand.

We built and installed bespoke furniture throughout the store, along with creating two vanity counters and a ‘living wall’ of plants and greenery, which required constant care and watering throughout the month.

Its centrepiece was a replication of the Burt’s Bees logo, which was hand-made using over 100 individual Burt’s Bees lipsticks, in varying colours.

We created a photo booth out of ribbons, for customers to take selfies with their new purchases, as well as installing a custom light and sound system, and a DJ booth for the press launch.


How to Engage an Audience – Contact the Experts

Research has shown that 80% of consumers that have attended a live event have an increased intent to purchase goods. And 65% of brands claim that their event and experiential programmes are directly related to sales. So, isn’t it time that you started using events in your marketing arsenal?

We can help you to amplify your brand through a positive and exhilarating experience, that’ll blow your customers away.

Turning your dreams into reality, we are the architects of your imagination.

From product launches to stunts, brand activations to product displays, we realise your event ambitions (and we’ve been doing it for years).

Our team deliver technical production, build sets, stages, and displays through to complete production management. Tested, tested and tested again – so it works exactly how it should.

Your events become experiences that inspire, something audiences will remember forever.

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