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Inside On – A Day in the Life of a Fabricator

4th October 2019 in Creative Installations

At On Event Production Co. we work on some of the industry’s most interesting projects – experiential events, conferences, immersive experiences, pop up shops… the list goes on.

From the initial meeting with our clients to the brainstorming, collaborating, building, fabricating and finally the installation, our job is to create live events that evoke the senses.

But have you ever wondered what goes on in the background? Or how we get a project from paper to set? Well…..In an exclusive sneak peek, this blog takes you behind the scenes to find out just how the magic happens with a day in the life of Jethro Sigley, one of our fabrication site managers.

So, let’s get started…

Hi Jethro, tell us about your role at On and your average day.

I start work at 8am, so I’m usually one of the first few people to get in. The first thing I do is catch up with the rest of the team on project progress and deadlines.

Every day is different. One day I could be building a stage set, the next painting and distressing a piece of timber to go into some scenery. Today I’m working on an exhibition stand for Cegedim to use at this year’s Pharmacy Show, adapting the one from last year so that it can fit into a smaller area. Yesterday I was busy painting and running out to the shops to get an exact colour match.


It sounds like you’re a busy guy, Jethro. Do you work closely alongside the rest of the team to get things done?

Absolutely. We all work as a team and decide the best way of approaching a project. This process involves deciding what skills are needed and resource availability, how we can best tackle the project build and whether we can re-use any pieces from previous events to reduce time and waste. Working in this way helps us remain efficient in our processes and gives everyone a good overview of the project. We have a wide range of experience at On and we are always keen to draw upon individual skills to ensure we collectively deliver the best outcome for our clients.

One of the things I really like about On is the one-team mentality. Even when we’re out on site, the production engineers will chip in and help us put things together, and we’ll return the favour by helping them out too, after all, we’re all in it to achieve the same common goal… Delighting our clients!

You mentioned that you often ‘transform’ pieces of timber–how do you do that?

We often work with MDF because many of our projects are one-off builds, meaning we need a low-cost material that’ll be robust enough to get the job done, but be simple enough to construct and deconstruct on site.

Whilst MDF is incredibly versatile it doesn’t look particularly exciting so it needs a bit of attention in order to elevate into something more appealing.

The trick is to understand the material you’re working with and knowing the different methods or skills needed to create a particular finish. For example, with MDF, I can paint it, stain it or age it using vinegar and wire wool or I can make it look like old metal by using paints and scenic artistry techniques. It’s all about the materials you use and the way you layer them that helps create the desired aesthetic.

As well as timber, we also work with metal and some plastics which requires a whole new set of fabrication skills.

You’re incredibly talented, Jethro. Is there a type of project you enjoy the most?

I like working on all projects – we have a wide variety here which is why I enjoy the job. However, the more artistic and creative ones are probably my favourite, particularly when I have to learn new skills along the way, as we regularly have to.

How does it feel seeing a project go out in the world?

It feels great and definitely the best part of the job. I think the best thing is when a client or agency comes over to compliment the team on our work. It’s one thing when your peers like what you do, but when our clients recognise the skill and commitment that’s gone into their project, which they very frequently do, it’s hugely rewarding.

Like all the team here at On, Jethro is passionate and enthusiastic about his job, and that shines through in everything we do.

So, if you’re interested in working with a passionate team who’ll turn your ideas into reality, get in touch today.