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Lighting up Nottingham Castle

22nd June 2021 in Company News

On are proud to have worked with Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Castle Trust to support the magnificent transformation project at Nottingham Castle. 


The operations of Nottingham Castle have now been handed over to Nottingham Castle Trust, following the challenging and technically complex renovation phase of the £31m transformation project led by Nottingham City Council. After 3 years of construction and renovation Nottingham Castle, a former fortified-castle in Nottingham, is due to open on the 21st of June 2021. 

Nottingham City Council approached us around a year and a half ago to design a new lighting system for the castle. They wanted a fully programmed system which would illuminate all aspects of the castle, with the ability to customise the lighting in-house for different occasions and events. 


  Following the reconstruction, we worked alongside our friends at Anolis UK to put a new Ducal Palace Façade lighting system in place. We designed a spectacular fully programmed system to replace the old lighting, making sure to highlight the new renovations. The lighting uses the same system as the Nottingham’s Council House, with Pharos Architectural Controls offering a simple and easy touch screen user interface, which allows staff at Nottingham Castle to adjust the lighting with ease.  


The current lighting is set on a scheduled system for everyday use; however, we can access the system remotely for more complex programming without attending site, and for troubleshooting and system updates. It is a really simple, yet powerful and effective installation, which truly shows off the new renovations at Nottingham Castle. 

Alex Tweedie, Production Manager said: “This was an amazing project to be a part of. We have worked with Nottingham City Council for over 20 years on events and installations and it’s great to make a real difference in our community by producing something that will be admired by many for years to come.”