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McColls Awards Event

13th November 2017 in Live Events

On helps national retail group to celebrate success

We were delighted to team up with our good friends at The 4th Wave for the third year running to help national news and convenience store chain McColl’s deliver its annual ‘All Stars’ business event.

Every year the retailer, which has more than 1,600 outlets across the UK, holds an annual event for its store managers, employees, suppliers and partners to celebrate its success and bring them up-to-date with all the latest company news.

The event included an expo of suppliers, a conference and seminars and a gala dinner and awards ceremony. It took place in November, at the Telford International Centre.

Working to a tight creative brief from The 4th Wave, we were tasked with building and installing the main exhibition space, as well as fabricating the set and providing full technical production for both the seminars and the evening awards dinner.

This included a spectacular light show, edge blended projection onto an uber-wide screen and a bespoke built branded stage set, along with controllable table decorations for mood lighting.

Managing Director of The 4th Wave, Alan Ellis said: “This is the third time that we’ve worked with On now to stage the McColls event and the results have always been superb. The thing I like about working with the team at On is they just get it…..they really understand what is needed to inspire an audience and the military precision that it takes to pull off a beautifully choreographed piece of business theatre”

Our Managing Director, Guy Eaton, said: “This was a great event to be involved with. It was all about celebrating the success of the company and its people, so our primary focus was on delivering something which would make everyone associated with McColl’s feel proud of the company and inspired and excited about what the future holds.”