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Classic Disney

On helps Disney to showcase its classics

THE FEELING: Nostalgic

THE CHALLENGE: We were delighted to work with global entertainment giant Disney recently to help it deliver a B2B event at its UK HQ, in London. The event was aimed at giving licensing staff of businesses selling Disney merchandise an update on the firm’s strategy and key focus for the next six months.

It was held in the in-house cinema at the offices in Hammersmith, and we were tasked with fabricating and dressing four key areas to create a themed journey as guests arrived and made their way to the cinema
We were awarded the job on the back of the successful press launch of Finding Dory we provided production for in 2016.

INSPIRING THE AUDIENCE: Disney wanted us to use each area to tell the story of one of the films from its extensive back catalogue, each of which will be re-released in 2018. The films in question were Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse’s silver screen debut), Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin and The Lion King.

We fabricated and dressed each area with specially-made props, staging and sets, and each included a digital display taking guests through the journey of each film and why it is special.