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Playstation VR Showcase

On top of our game for PlayStation Showcase

THE FEELING: Astounded

THE CHALLENGE: Creating an immersive environment which served as the platform for Sony to launch its latest PlayStation VR titles to Europe’s gaming elite

Working to a tight creative brief from our good friends at award winning experiential agency, FRUKT, we were tasked with helping to transform a giant former combustion chamber at Shoreditch Electric Light Station, in London, into a high-tech playground for some of the best-known gaming bloggers, writers and experts across Europe.

Transforming an old electric light station, we helped to create an immersive, two-storey structural environment that showed the scale of forthcoming releases while providing an ideal venue for VR gaming.

Working as part of the on-site branding team, a team from On was responsible for the print, fabrication and installation of all the room décor and gaming pods, along with the creation and install of the PlayStation-branded entrance in the venue’s courtyard.

The whole event had to be installed over two 15-hour days.

INSPIRING THE AUDIENCE: Upon entry, guests were greeted with ‘The Machine’, a spectacular double-story VR arcade home to twelve individual gaming pods, designed to feel like voids within The Machine. At given moments, guests were led to ‘the heart’ – an ultra-immersive space housing the multi-player hero title.

In between gaming, several neutral breakout spaces provided guests with the opportunity to make their own bespoke PlayStation T-shirts, hold intimate interviews and enjoy food from a selection of London’s best food vendors.

The event included a number of PlayStation-branded and game-themed graphic wall displays along with several themed gaming pods, where gamers could try the latest releases and technologies first hand.

Some of the latest developments on show included Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality headset and games including Rick & Morty, Animal Force, Track Lab, Blood & Truth and Eden Tomorrow.