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Virtual Awards for NHS Property Services

Key Stats.

NHS Property Services
Virtual Awards Event
Microsoft Teams Live & AllTogether.Live
The Feeling?

The Brief

Following the success of the 2021 virtual awards event, NHS Property Services once again looked to bring together a large number of their team for a celebration event to award individuals and groups for their achievements in the past 12 months.

The event was to be hosted by television presenter and radio personality, Miquita Oliver, broadcasting live from her home location and to be joined on the virtual stage with other NHS Property Services staff to present each award.

To build on the 2021 event, the brief included the need to bring individual and group award winners to screen to accept their award and for two way interaction with Miquita.

The Event

Over 500 staff members joined the virtual event, streamed as a Microsoft Teams Live broadcast. This was the most suitable platform as Microsoft Teams is used across the organisation and was a tried and tested solution.

Miquita Oliver hosted the event and after an introductory speech by the CEO, was joined on the virtual stage by a number of NHS co-hosts to present each award. Each award followed the same format; nominees were introduced and the winner revealed. This was followed by a short video where co-workers congratulated the winner and provided further insight into the achievements by the individual or team. The winners were then brought live to screen to accept their award and talk with Miquita.

The virtual event was a huge success with a high level of engagement throughout.

What we did

Behind The Scenes

The virtual event was broadcast and managed using our virtual event support platform, OnLine. Each presenter arrived in the virtual green room for a pre-event briefing and were moved to the virtual stage just before they went live. Our Broadcast Manager had full communication with all presenters so they knew exactly when they were onscreen and broadcasting to the audience.

The award nominees were all managed using AllTogether.Live, our in-house virtual audience platform. The successful winner or group of winners were mixed live to screen to accept their award.

Behind the scenes, we talked with individuals before they were live to ensure they were ready to go and could be mixed seamlessly into the broadcast.

The audience were encouraged to share their comments using the chat function on the platform. These comments and shoutouts were then moderated and included in a rolling ticker running across the screen with Miquita reading them out between awards.

“Virtual awards shows need to be high energy, entertaining, and ultimately rewarding to everyone watching, including those lucky enough to walk away with an award itself.

For the People Champion’s Awards, we used multiple tools to produce a slick and engaging broadcast.

AllTogether.Live is our great solution for virtual and hybrid award shows as it allows us to bring nominees and award winners to screen with ease without concerns about their video or audio connection. Behind the scenes we can manage the audience and talk to each person before they ‘go live’.”

Ben Dorrington, Production Manager

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