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Hybrid events are the future.

Events are no longer restricted by the four walls of a building with audiences now able to attend an event over the internet from anywhere in the world. AllTogether.Live is a specialist virtual audience platform that connects live and remote audiences together in one space.

AllTogether.Live is a hybrid event support package capable of bringing together live and remote audiences together in one place.

Whether they’re sat in the audience or sat in the comfort of their own homes, AllTogether.Live allows everyone to interact in the same way creating a truly engaging live experience. AllTogether.Live is not just another virtual audience platform, it’s a fully managed and supported production solution to elevate hybrid events to a new level.

We Are In Control

The power of AllTogether.Live is not that obvious from the front end of the system. Why not just use Zoom? Zoom and other popular online meeting tools are brilliant at what they do but they are not designed to be a virtual audience system. The majority of the control is with the individual presenting and that makes producing a slick and professional broadcast very difficult.


Key Features

AllTogether.Live has been built by professionals for professional events and includes some key broadcast features:
  1. Grids are 100% mappable – we choose who goes where and when
  2. Our producer can talk individually with anyone in the audience – really useful to check they are ready before going live
  3. Audio is isolated per audience member – we don’t rely on individuals using the mute buttons
  4. Movement between sessions is controlled by us
  5. We control what people see and hear – the remote viewer gets a customised mix of camera, video and graphic content.



Costs vary depending on your audience size, event duration and technology required to display the virtual delegates in the venue. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.

The Experience

The In-Room Experience

The remote audience join the live audience in one space allowing the presenter and live audience to see their colleagues on fully customisable screens wrapping the room. The presenter stood on stage looks out over their live audience and can see their virtual audience at the same time – a huge step in connecting with everyone participating in the event. At any point in the show, remote audience members can be brought live to interact with presenters on the stage or with other event participants.

The Remote Experience

AllTogether.Live has been built with simplicity in mind to create a very simple and intuitive user interface. Each member of the remote audience joins the event and watches a live broadcast of the event in real-time. They connect with their camera and microphone ready to go so they can feature in the virtual audience screens and participate in the event as if they are sat in the room. Interactive tools are pushed to their screen so they can ask questions and respond to polls throughout the event.

Who we work with

What our customers say…

Thank you to Ben and the team for pulling off such a show stopping event in a week!  It felt like an impossible task at first, but the team’s professionalism and expertise made it as stress free as possible.  The feedback we have received from participants has been extremely positive and has set the bar high for hybrid events in our business going forwards.  We will be recommending On Event Production Co. to other teams in the business.

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