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OnLine Outside Broadcast

Do we need to come to a studio or can we use our own office and facilities to produce a professional online event?

Virtual events are a great way of connecting remote presenters to a remote audience across the web.  Webcams and laptops can be a bit limiting and nothing beats using professional equipment with professional operators to get the best quality broadcast….the best camera angle, the best lighting and the best sound.  We have a range of solutions to support your presenters and put them in the best light (excuse the pun)!

Our OB (Outside Broadcast) teams are here to give you and your presenters professional onsite support.   Each event and every location has different requirements.  We can support with solutions from a simple single camera set-up through to a fully bespoke built mini onsite studio to really enhance the look and feel of your virtual event stream.

Each OB location streams the live action back to our central virtual event studios where the feeds are mixed with other remote virtual event presenters, videos, presentations, live audience interaction etc.  You’ll have full support with you onsite, as well as our broadcast team at base pressing all the buttons to make the magic happen.

Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1. We understand.

Every location is different and designing the right solution is key to ensuring your presenters look and sound great on a virtual event. We understand what's needed to broadcast from offices, homes, outdoors and from different places in the UK or around the world.

2. We shape.

We fully assess every outside broadcast location to ensure we have all the right equipment and connectivity to connect seamlessly with our central virtual event studios.

3. We create and build.

Not every location is kitted out to look exactly how you might need it to look for your event. Our in-house fabrication team can work with you to design the right environment and build mini virtual event stage sets to really enhance your space.

4. We test, and then test again.

A multi-location live event is great fun but the pro's make it look simple! Making time for rehearsals are key to ensuring a really slick event.

5. We stage and we control.

We have an experienced and skilled team working behind the scenes to support the smooth running of your event. From the onsite Camera Operative, through to the Broadcast Manager mixing all the content from our central studios.

Why On?

You wouldn’t stand on a stage and present to a live audience without professional production support.  Virtual events are no different.

Our OnLine services and professional support team are here to give you peace of mind when delivering an OnLine virtual event.  Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

We’re here to make sure your next OnLine event is slick, professional and lands with your audience.

Case Study

How we broadcast the Virgin Media Business Voom Awards from TV studios out to a huge online audience

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What our customers say…

We needed a quick and professional streaming solution to help us with our virtual panel session. The team pulled it off with just a few days notice. It was a fantastically delivered session to over 500 people, and despite some working from home challenges, we had some fantastic feedback from our employees.

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