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OnLine Virtual Event Support

In a world of online video calls and webinars, how do you make your event stand out and ensure your messages land?

OnLine is a professional online meeting and virtual event support package, designed to make your content stand out in a live online forum.

We draw on our extensive experience and understanding of a live audience to produce and manage online events, ensuring maximum engagement through a polished and professional delivery.

We understand that presenting to a distant audience is not easy.   We’ve built a simple to use presenter portal that puts everything they need on one screen.  We take care of managing and playing all content so your presenters can focus on what they need to do… present!

The result, a well drilled and executed piece of business comms that isn’t distracted by technical problems.


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Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1. We understand.

We understand it can be daunting to present to a large audience, especially if you can’t see them! We have your presenter's backs! We’ll run tests and coach all your presenters in advance of the event to ensure everything is set up correctly. We can even supply hardware if required.

2. We shape.

We fully stage manage your event and use our experience of the live world to produce an engaging OnLine virtual event

3. We create and build.

We'll work with your design teams to produce onscreen graphics & layouts that are eye-catching and on brand so your event isn't just another Zoom call.

4. We test, and then test again.

With each presenter, we carry out a one to one session to check their Internet connection, local hardware, lighting, camera positions and audio. We also show them around the online platform and advise on best practices on the day such as closing down all other applications and asking other family members to avoid using the internet for streaming services during the broadcast.

5. We stage and we control.

We have an experienced and skilled team working behind the scenes to support the smooth running of your event. From the Broadcast Manager mixing the content, through to the Technician monitoring and supporting the remote callers with their connections.

Why On?

You wouldn’t stand on a stage and present to a live audience without professional production support.  Virtual events are no different.

Our OnLine services and professional support team are here to give you peace of mind when delivering an OnLine virtual event.  Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

We’re here to make sure your next OnLine event is slick, professional and lands with your audience.

Case Study

How we brought 40 speakers from around the world to a virtual stage with a global audience during a pandemic.

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What our customers say…

Slightly biased here because as you know, we love working wtih you guys!  Feedback from the event has been great and our Leadership were impressed with the slick background tech – we felt in safe hands!

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