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Zoom Virtual Studio

How can Zoom be used to engage with a virtual audience?

Zoom is a powerful platform with a huge share of the video conferencing market.   With apps for just about any device, it’s one of the easiest and most accessible platforms available to date and has been adopted as the preferred choice by many large organisations.  That’s why we’ve built a dedicated Zoom Virtual Studio!

Our Zoom Studio is used to bring Zoom events to life and elevate them far beyond the native capabilities of the platform.  We draw on our extensive production experience to deliver exception shows and an experience for the audience which isn’t just another Zoom call!

Presenters are given all the support they need to focus on what they need to do…present.  We remove the need for presenters to screenshare (and all the problems this can bring) and seamlessly integrate PowerPoint, graphics, videos, polling, questions and other content into the online broadcast.

Looking to make your next Zoom event something special?  We’re here to help!


Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1. We understand.

We understand that your presenters and the audience will use Zoom on a daily basis and that a Zoom Event needs to look and feel very different. We work with you to design and plan the event to maximise audience engagement.

2. We shape.

We fully stage manage your event and use our experience of the live world to produce an engaging OnLine virtual event

3. We create and build.

We'll work with your design teams to produce onscreen graphics & layouts that are eye-catching and on brand so your event isn't just another video call.

4. We test, and then test again.

We check each presenter before the event. We check their connection, video, sound, lighting and advise on the best location for them to look great on camera. We also show them around the Zoom Studio presenter platform and what they will see and at what time.

5. We stage and we control.

We have an experienced and skilled team working behind the scenes to support the smooth running of your event. From the Broadcast Manager mixing the content, through to the Zoom technician monitoring and supporting the remote callers within the greenroom.

Case Study

How we brought 40 speakers from around the world to a virtual stage with a global audience during a pandemic.

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Who we work with

What our customers say…

You went above and beyond thoughout the build up and live show.  I really appreciate your support and collaboration on solutions.  I thought the entire delivery team of the live event did a fantastic job in often tough circumstances with very limited time between everything happening.

A pleasure and please pass on my thanks to the whole team working on this!

Excellent all round, hope we can use you again soon 🙂

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