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On supports Lincoln Cathedral’s Jesus Christ Superstar production

5th August 2015 in Live Events

On Event Production Co. recently supported the Lincoln Cathedral’s Jesus Christ Superstar Production.

Hire manager @ On, James Pemblington, worked closely with production manager, Neil Martin, to finalise the complex LiteDeck stage design which was then covered in white vinyl and climbed to over 7ft with a 16ft wide staircase at the back for the cast to use as the main entrance and exit during the performance.

The production ran from the 23rd July to the 2nd August and was a complete sell out!

Commenting on the project, James said:

“Neil and Lincoln Cathedral were a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to see the stage plan for the next production!”

Neil added:

“The design evolved over two years – an ever growing company and the drive to push the production in terms of scale and design ‘impact’ presented unique challenges – not least how to enable a company of nearly 200 to easily access the performance space from all directions. Working with a chief engineer from On we were able to assemble this huge structure in under four hours – cladding and laying of vinyl was then completed over a further 24 hours.

“Working in a space which remained open to the public throughout, all the while stopping for religious service and ongoing Cathedral ‘business’ made for a challenging environment.”

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