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5 reasons why you should care about experiential marketing

16th February 2018 in Marketing Experiences

Some 75% of B2B marketers listed ‘in-person events’ as their top marketing tactic.[1]

Event – or experiential – marketing is an effective strategy for engaging audiences and can create a sustainable, positive impression on consumers.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it should be a part of your marketing campaign.


1. Turn ideas into reality


Experiential marketing offers many different branding opportunities that may not have been considered before. Working together, marketing agencies and event production companies can collaborate to bring these ideas to life to benefit your business.

Great for brand positioning, experiential marketing sets businesses apart from competitors while elevating their overall marketing effectiveness.


2. Keep up with customer demand


Consumers don’t want to be told thing – they now demand more from a brand and a product. In today’s digital marketing world, consumers are now looking for brands to interact with them more.

The creation of exciting, immersive experiences where consumers start to really feel something different about that brand. It connects your customers in a much stronger and deeper way than can be achieved online.

3. Advertise non-physical services and products


Without physical products, marketing services can be difficult.

Experiential marketing is all about creating memories – making it a great solution to this problem. Engaging your audience, events will help build memories and connect audiences to brands, so customers are able to link the services or products to positive real-life experiences.

Providing an event can also often tempt customers into feeling like they need to repay the favour. This could be by continuing their relationship or even buying something else.


4. Expand reach


Events are a great way of getting seen and heard. They can be taken far and wide, reaching specific audiences.

For example, if you aim to target millennial consumers, one of the hardest markets to target, an activation could be held at festival sites, creating excitement and developing curiosity, which could result in enquiries.


5. Delivers results


Compared to other ways of marketing, experiences are proven to be more engaging, giving you a better opportunity to convert audiences. Take a look at how experiential marketing compares:


ChannelEngagement time
Digital Marketing< 1 second
Outdoor Marketing5 seconds
Press17 seconds
Radio30 seconds
TV30 seconds
Marketing Experiences10 minutes


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[1] Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends.