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The Show Must Go ON…

13th May 2021 in Live Events

Are you worried about COVID-19 restrictions affecting your future events? We’re here to help you with your COVID-19 event contingency planning.

We understand how difficult it can be to plan a live or hybrid event. However, this becomes especially difficult with a possibility of future COVID-19 restrictions being put in place. We know that this can be hugely frustrating for all parties, with changes, postponement, or cancellation, often with financial implications. That’s why we have put together a COVID-19 event contingency planning process.

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As a specialist in creative event production services, our motto is ”the show must go ON”. We will work with you to develop your COVID-19 event contingency plan. By doing this, we can find the best solution for you and your live or hybrid event. It is possible to transform elements or the whole event from live to hybrid to virtual, as well as providing the best experience for your audience and presenters.

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We recommend planning for different scenarios as part of the COVID-19 event contingency planning process & we’re here to help you find solutions.

Scenario 1: Your event can happen with restricted capacity.

We have the flexibility to be able to mix and match a live and a remote audience to meet the needs of a hybrid event. We will work with you to ensure the full audience are able to attend in person or online.

Scenario 2: Your event can not happen with a live audience.

We will switch to providing fully virtual services. This can be presenters live from a studio environment or connected remotely from their office/home.

Scenario 3: There is a COVID-19 outbreak.

If there is a COVID-19 outbreak within a team attending or presenting at the event, we can switch elements of the event to being hybrid. This can be with a remote audience and/or some remote presenters. If there are concerns about others attending the live event, we can switch the event to a hybrid or a fully virtual solution.

Scenario 4: There is an international travel ban.

If there are members of the team who cannot be at the event due to a travel ban, we will provide a virtual solution. This allows members of the team to attend the event from where they are based.

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If it is not possible to run your event as hybrid or virtual, we’ll work with you to re-schedule for a later date (within a 6 month period), mitigating costs wherever possible. If you’d like more information or would like to discuss your event, get in touch, we’re here to help.