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Event creators: What’s your Plan B?

15th November 2021 in Hybrid Events

It is great to be delivering so many live events at the moment but with COVID cases still high, have you sorted your “Plan B”?

As an industry, we strive to deliver great things with positive thinking. Still, if the past 18 plus months have taught us anything, we should always consider the “What if?” situations with alternative plans drawn up and stored away in the top drawer, hopefully never to be used.  With the government keeping a “Plan B” on the table, it is sensible for event professionals to do the same and have solutions to potential challenges on the bumpy road into 2022. We specialise in Virtual, Hybrid and Live events and work with our clients to establish the best solution at the outset to meet their event needs and objectives.  With skill in all disciplines, we can quickly change course when needed. 


In a recent hybrid conference, with only a few hours before guests from around the world were due to take their seats in the room we received news that the Managing Director who was opening the show needed to self isolate and could not attend onsite.  Was this a problem?  Of course, not – we had a Plan B! The Managing Director presented from the safety of his own home using our OnLine broadcast system and was brought to the screen to stand alongside his colleagues in the room. We have this agility as we deliver virtual, hybrid and live events in-house and work with our clients in advance to plan for possible eventualities.


Whilst that is a reasonably good example of how things can change in the run-up to an event going live, it was relatively straightforward to resolve. There are more complex issues. One of them is the possibility of another introduced lockdown along with social distancing measures that might make a live audience non-viable.  Our Plan B’s stretch from a simple presenter swap, right the way through to transforming a live event into a virtual environment.


When delivering an event, our motto is simple: “The Show Must Go On!”.


Get in touch to discuss your next event and what we can do to support you if you need action Plan B.