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Adidas Stella McCartney

Inspiring product launch for a fashion icon


THE CHALLENGE: We were approached by our friends at JDPL to deliver an interactive installation at Brick Lane Studios, in London, for H+K, on behalf of Adidas. The brief was to create a unique user experience with a social media element in support of the new clothing range. It needed to be highly creative in its use of light and interactivity. We worked with JDPL to evolve the idea of creating a light tunnel, into which the user would step and do a three-or-four second exercise.

INSPIRING THE AUDIENCE: A 9k laser projector was used to project light on them in front of the back wall. The light tunnel could be set to reflect three states – move, run and flow – and provide all the technical equipment and production to execute the brief. The whole thing was captured on video as a gif, branded and set against music, which the users were encouraged to post to social media. We were tasked with fabricating the tunnel, which comprised 30 strips of individually-controlled LED lights and providing all the technology and production support to make the installation work.