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Truck Tour de France

“Let’s inspire, let’s show the audience what’s possible.” So we did…


THE CHALLENGE: On Event Production Co. teamed up with Juice Live Communications to work on a unique project for global paint makers and specialist chemical company AkzoNobel. The company, which owns Dulux in the UK, wanted to showcase its new range of colours to its ‘maître en couleur’, a select group of professionals who have been awarded the highest possible accreditation by the paint manufacturer. The brief was to create an experiential event, within a customised truck, which would tour ten venues across France as a ‘live’ roadshow.

INSPIRING AN AUDIENCE: The huge truck featured pop-out sides, which provided us with lots of scope for creativity.  We created a huge scenic panel in one of the pop-out areas, which featured our Samsung 95” LED digital display and hidden 5:1 surround sound system. On the other side, we installed a giant vinyl graphic and banquette-style seating for 12 people. Whilst watching a film produced by the agency, guests were immersed in an array of aromas, thanks to a special aroma machine. The roadshow also featured five separate inflatable tents, which hosted master painters who were able to create a series of experiential works of art using AkzoNobel’s new paint range.