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Step into the Box with RDS Global

Key Stats.

RDS Global
National Launch of The RDS Black Box™
The Quad, Derby
The Feeling?

The Brief

‘Step into The Box’ was RDS Global’s first-ever experiential event.

A launch event for RDS Black Box™, RDS’ latest software, the client wanted to merge the digital and the physical worlds, engaging with new and existing clients in an imposing, exciting way.

Working in collaboration with marketing agency Purpose Media, we came up with the idea to create a physical Black Box in which attendees could step inside, and upon leaving the box, would want to know more about what they’d experienced and how the product works.

The client wanted the experience to make “the hairs stand on the back of your neck” and allow attendees to discover what RDS Black Box™ is.
We provided full fabrication of the box, installation of the 270 degree video wall, sound, lighting, and full production for the activation, which ran for one day at The Quad, in Derby.

The challenges we faced

Creating something designed to make a huge impact in a small footprint was particularly challenging.

The event space was pretty tight, with limited lift access to the top floor. To mitigate this, we designed the box in bite-sized pieces, small and light enough to be carried up various flights of stairs, to ensure we’d get everything in.

The immersive experience our client desired required us to quite literally, think outside the box.

RDS wanted to create an amusement park/pre-ride experience, unsteadying the visitor, urging them to want to find out more. In order to do so, we needed to create a seamless video box that completely engaged them upon walking inside. It also needed to be designed so that it could be used repeatedly, with the ability to be built and taken down quickly so RDS could use it at future events such as an ambitious exhibition programme planned over the next twelve months.

This was the first time RDS had hosted an event of this scale which allowed us to have full creative freedom, with little direction from the client. Inexperienced within this arena, we guided them with style and direction, inviting them to assess progress repeatedly, taking away any stresses and problems they had surrounding the event.

What we did

Step One

We built a 3m box which housed three 2m by 2.5m video walls, with a 270 degree wrap-around seamless video experience.

Step Two

We installed a 5.1 surround sound system, with covert speakers to fully immerse guests in the experience.

Step Three

We created a sequence that allowed the video and audio, made by our friends at Purpose Media, to be played at the touch of a button, looped on request.

Step Four

We fabricated an exterior shell based on a 3D mock-up, using materials suitable to allow the box to be fully transportable.

Step Five

We used LED up-lighting to elevate the exterior design, programmed to pulsate throughout the event to attract inquisitive guests.

Imaan Basi, Sales Team Leader at RDS Global said “On Event Production made our vision their vision; they took full ownership, delivering the project on very tight timescales, in a venue with limited space and access constraints. They even exceeded expectations and delivered for an event a few weeks prior to the launch so the RDS Team could get a practice run-through for timings and operational bits.

The immersive experience was the highlight and most memorable aspect of the RDS Black Box™ launch event – the feedback we had from attendees was amazing; they were officially immersed, engaged and ready to find out more!”

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