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Mountain Dew Laser Maze

Mission Impossible for Mountain Dew

THE FEELING: Adrenalised

THE CHALLENGE: We love a good spy thriller here at On Event Production Co, so creating a Mission Impossible-style challenge for Mountain Dew was too good an opportunity to pass up.
Working with our good friends at ID Agency, we were tasked with creating a ‘laser maze’ experience for the soft drinks giant, at Insomnia 2018 , the UK’s leading gaming festival.

The experience aimed to provide a physically, immersive challenge to players, who were tasked with making their way from one end of a tunnel to another, without breaking the laser beams, in the fastest time.
It aimed to show how Mountain Dew can stimulate the senses and help people to stay calm, focused and refreshed under pressure.

Insomnia took place at the Birmingham NEC, over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It saw scores of top players from across the UK and beyond battle it out to be the master in their chosen games.
The event also featured table-top gaming and a cosplay masquerade, demos of the latest cutting-edge virtual reality tech and Q&A panels with industry experts and leading gamers.

INSPIRING THE AUDIENCE: We had to pull together several technologies to bring this concept to life, deliver a seamless, stimulating experience to the audience and ensure it fully adhered to all health and safety requirements.

We built a bespoke, branded tunnel comprising 12 green lasers and mirrors, which were positioned to create a maze of beams for contestants to try and avoid as they made their way from the start line to the plunger at the end.

If they broke a laser beam, an alarm would be triggered and they would get a time penalty. If they broke three, it was game over.

We utilised a stock laser system and designed a fully-branded front-end to show visual content to the players and spectators.

This was all linked in with sound, lighting and video cues to create maximum engagement and enjoyment. There was also an element of social media built in, so participants could share their photos of their challenge directly to Mountain Dew’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.