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On Brand Launch

Turning everyone On

“Daring”, thats how we wanted people to feel about our event and our brand.

THE CHALLENGE: Never let it be said we don’t practice what we preach! When our MD asked us to deliver a stand out event for the launch of our new brand we pulled out all the stops.
It was crucial as a creative production company that we came up with something that showcased our skills and completely blew everyone away. “Mission accomplished” was the overwhelming feedback from our guests, colleagues and clients!

INSPIRING AN AUDIENCE: We created a gauze partition to the room, complete with scenic pieces that we projected images and video onto. This provided a perfect backdrop to a short presentation to introduce the new brand.
We used a clever lighting arrangement to completely mask what hid behind the partition until the big moment - one million volts of electricity passing through one of our engineers wearing a chainmail suit sitting atop a giant tesla coil! The result was jaw-dropping with giant lightning bolts flying from his fingertips choreographed beautifully to high-octane music. It created an effect that nobody has forgotten and really helped bring our new brand to life.
Afterwards (just for fun!) we asked our guests to stand inside a giant faraday cage so they could feel what a million volts was like. Believe it or not there were no shortage of volunteers and everybody lived to tell the tale!