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On provides stage and lighting for Xstatic Festival

1st July 2015 in Live Events

We were thrilled to be invited to provide the stage, sound and lighting for this year’s Xstatic Festival held at Derbyshire’s historic Catton Hall.

ith more than 50 DJs performing across five stages, the festival is one of the standout events in any dance music aficionado’s calendar – and our technical production specialists were charged with the task of supporting the entire event across 9 stages with lighting, sound, video and structure to complement a plethora of electronic music genres – from house and techno to drum and bass, the event never fails to draw the leading performing talent and massive crowds.

Commenting on this year’s event, Pete Copeland, production manager of On, said:

“It’s always a pleasure to work on the Xstatic Festival, which is staged against the backdrop of the stunning Catton Hall and draws in massive crowds.

“The work the DJs do is absolutely incredible and it means we need to constantly raise our game to accommodate them.

“It’s a challenging but rewarding experience for everyone involved and we look forward to working on the Xstatic Festival again in the future.”

Since its inception in 2012, Xstatic Festival has played host to some of the leading names in dance music and attracts crowds from all over the country.

As well as the usual beer and burgers, the festival also features boutique tents that provide cocktails and gourmet food.


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