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Delivering events safely from our Midlands virtual event studio

12th January 2022 in Company News

As we once again navigate a difficult period with COVID-19, many events are switching to a virtual format. 

Thankfully, we are well rehearsed with this now so making the switch is usually pretty straight forward.

“Going virtual” means the contact between individuals can either be removed or significantly reduced to ensure the safe delivery of the event. Our studio provides a great and safe solution to deliver engaging events with minimal contact between the individuals involved.

Presenting from a studio environment gives a number of key advantages in comparison to presenters joining with just their webcams. Being surrounded by professional cameras, lighting, video and audio equipment makes a huge difference to the quality of the output and opens up opportunities for enhanced production such as giant video display backdrops to elevate content. There is a professional team behind-the-scenes, taking care of all the tech work, so presenters only need to worry about what they do best: Present!


However, we understand that bringing together individuals to present from a single location does introduce some risks and this is why we have taken every precaution with how the studio is run to reduce them to a minimum. 
These measures include:
1. Isolated Control Room & Team

The studio (where presenters stand) and control room (where the tech delivery team press all the buttons) are independent with their own dedicated access. In this way the production team behind the scenes do not need to interact directly with those in front of the camera. We limit the staff in the studio itself to only those who are absolutely necessary such as the Studio Floor Manager and Camera Operators.  All staff in the studio and communal areas wear face coverings, sanitise regularly and observe social distancing when communicating with presenters and their team.

2. Multiple open plan areas

As well as the actual studio, we have a number of additional spaces which are provided for our presenters and guests.  These include a spacious green room, open plan foyer & large kitchen, all of which allow for social distancing as necessary and room capacities can be provided where required. 

3. A dedicated space

Our studio is self contained with no access required by other staff during an event.  This includes dedicated toilets and kitchen area. 

4. Cleaning

The studio and all facilities are fully cleaned and sanitised between events to reduce risk of surface contamination and transmission.  

5. Testing & PPE

All staff, presenters or visitors are required to provide a negative lateral flow before entering the studio space.  Mask wearing is advised where practical and hand sanitiser is provided.

6. Transport

For anyone looking to travel independently by car, our studio is located only a few minutes from M1, J24 or A50 J1.  We have plenty of free car parking available on-site!


If you would like any further information on the safety measures we have in place or would like to discuss how we can safely deliver your next virtual event, get in touch!
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