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Your venue, our production

The world of events has changed. “Event experiences” are becoming more the norm rather just a plain, old event.

The problem is that many venues don’t have the production capability or production partner to be able to take advantage of this more lucrative opportunity. Many of the venues we work with don’t fully understand the unlimited possibilities of the great things that can be done with their space.

Helping your venue to flourish

We make the imaginative ideas for event experiences become a reality, every day. We deliver inspiring experiences for some of the world’s leading brands and companies, whether that’s their conferences, awards ceremonies, brand launches or new product activations. Increasingly, they seek venues that can interpret their requirements to deliver something that is truly memorable for their audience.

We turn venues into the magical spaces that big brands want. When you can offer bigger and better experiences at your venue, you’re able you to win the event business of bigger and better customers.

Its what we do

We work with unique venues to deliver inspirational events.

We transformed an old electric light station to create an immersive environment for Sony to launch its latest PlayStation VR titles. We ratcheted up the set, stage and production for Virgin Media at London’s Tobacco Dock venue for their Virgin Vroom awards final in spectacular fashion.

Can your current production people compete with that?

Turning your idea into a reality – this is how we do it…

1: We understand.

First up we’ll learn about your client’s audience, how they want their audience to feel and the type of experience that they want to deliver to make their audience feel that way. We’ll make a plan to help them to get there.

2: We shape.

Next’ we’ll work as part of your team to interpret their creative ideas and develop them concepts.

3: We create and build.

Next, we design, working with your client we make sure that their experience has all the components its needs. Then skilled joiners and technicians build it in our custom workshop.

4: We test, and then test again.

A technical failure no matter how small can damage your and your client’s reputation. That’s why we test, test and test again, then we’ll have tested back-ups for added re-assurances. We’ve been doing it for years this way; we’re a company that you and your clients can trust.

5: We stage and we control.

Share your idea!
We know how to turn an event into an experience. We take care of all production management, chorography, set-up, staging and de-rigging. With military precision, we’re by your clients side all the way and here to make them – and you - look awesome.

Why On?

To truly have an impact on others you must inspire them.

Events done right inspire your audience. We take your idea and treat it with the respect it deserves, crafting your concept into a reality.

You know your audience and we know events.

We’ve got a warehouse full of experience, so you have the reassurance your event will run smoothly. We’re your event team, and we’re 100% on your side.

We’ve got everything you need to build your event idea all under one roof. Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

Turn your ideas into an inspiring event

Case Study

This event gave us a chance to flex our creative muscles and show corporate events can be just as engaging as live music events.

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Who we work with

What our customers say…

“You came up with ideas, listened to what we wanted and brought this all to life to create an event that will never be forgotten.”
– Paul Godfrey, Head of Operations

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