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Virtual Event Production

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Professional support for virtual events

In a world of online video calls and webinars, how do you make your event stand out?

Since March 2020 the ability to bring audiences together has changed and the world has become a very different place with virtual events now taking centre stage. We understand how scary it can be to transform from a live event to online, therefore we’ve developed our client friendly virutal event services, cunningly called…OnLine!

We understand that presenting to a distant audience is not easy.   We’ve built a simple to use OnLine system that puts everything you need all on one screen.  We take care of managing and playing all content so it works exactly how it should, leaving your presenters to focus on what they need to do… present!

Virtual events are a great way for a business to communicate with an audience of almost unlimited size from anywhere in the world.

As businesses continue to embrace hybrid and remote working, a virtual event is the perfect platform to host staff, clients and customers, without them needing to be sat in the same room.

If you’re hosting a virtual event, it’s important to keep your remote audience engaged so that you have their full attention. A virtual event company can help you to think outside the box to get them gripped from the start.

Our virtual event production services include support from a team of online event specialists who will produce and mix a seamless and engaging broadcast that lives up to your brand.


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Host a successful online event with us…

1. We Understand.

The journey starts with a dedicated experienced Project Manager to help, guide and support you at every step of the way. We'll understand your objectives and design the event to create a real impact with your audience.

2. We shape.

Our Project Manager will guide on budget, assist with platform choice, advise on hardware for remote presenters, discuss speaker support options and help you build an agenda for a seamless and engaging show.

3. We create & build.

We work with your design teams to produce onscreen graphics & layouts that are eye catching and on brand so your event isn't just another Zoom call.

4. We test.

With each presenter, we carry out a one to one session to check their Internet connection, local hardware, lighting, camera positions and audio.

5. We rehearse.

All presenters arrive in the green room - a place to chat with others before going live. Here you will be greeted by our Broadcast Manager who will complete final checks and make sure you are prepped and ready to go.

6. We stage and we control.

We have an experienced and skilled team working behind the scenes to support the smooth running of your event. From the Broadcast Manager mixing the content, through to the Technician monitoring and supporting the remote callers with their connections.

We're virtual event production experts

Virtual events done right inspire your audience. We take your idea and treat it with the respect it deserves, crafting your concept into a reality. You know your audience, and we know how to host a successful event.

Our OnLine virtual event services and professional support team are here to give you peace of mind when delivering an OnLine virtual or hybrid event. Our knowledge and attention to detail means we can help you spot the things you might not have thought of.

On Event Production Co. are here to make sure your next event is slick, professional and lands with your virtual attendees.

Turn your next event OnLine.
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OnLine Virtual Event Support

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“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how fantastic your team have been.  We’ve had to put in long shifts, deal with with multiple requests and they’ve all done it with a smile and true professionalism…they are all an absolute credit to the business
Your OnLine system is proving to deliver seamless events and I feel very lucky to have partnered with you
Right… onto the next!”

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